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Teaching Science with Science Fiction Films:

a Guide for Teachers and Media Specialists 2nd Edition, by Terence Cavanaugh and Cathy Cavanaugh (2004).
Linworth Publications
ISBN 0-7872-2463-4

This book utilizes science fiction films to teach science skills and concepts. Its hands-on, interactive lessons will keep students engaged and excited about learning! As a tool for use in grades 5-12, both students and teachers alike will find numerous uses for the ideas and lessons inside. It is a stand-alone resource in covering all the areas of science with science fiction films. And educators will find that it is essential in structuring a science curriculum with the multimedia tools that keeps students engaged in today’s information age. Infused with information literacy standards and national content standards, Teach Science with Science Fiction Films presents 25 teaching modules covering ten major science areas. Easily incorporated into interdisciplinary curricula from grades five through high school, each module includes teacher information, questions related to video content, discussion questions, projects, and science vocabulary. Each teaching module also includes hands-on laboratory activities designed to strengthen student understanding of concepts addressed in films. The book’s approach has been awarded National Science Teachers Association awards for exemplary science teaching using a variety of popular films and television episodes. This book is perfect for use by upper elementary to high school science teachers as well as media specialists seeking an ideal collaboration tool within the science curriculum.  Available from

Science fiction has always been a staple of motion pictures. It can be described as a branch of movies in which scientific discoveries and developments from elements of a plot. It is based on future prediction of scientific possibilities, some of which have become facts. In many ways, the silver screen acts as a permanent ongoing and technology exposition.

The science educator can use the excitement and fun atmosphere of the science fiction movie to his or her advantage. Lessons in the book are designed to help students translate science fiction into science fact. Students are instructed to use science as a vehicle for comprehension of humankind and the world in general.

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How to get the videos of the films in the book.

Free Bonus Online Sample Science with Science Fiction Film Lessons:

Beginning of the End | Earthquake | The Lorax |
| October Sky | Monolith Monsters | StarTrek's Arena |
StarTrek the Next Generation's Ethics | StarTrek the Next Generation's Unnatural Selection

Using Science Rich Entertainment Video to Teach Science
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