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What to do with a Digital Camera

Any technology based material within a school, it can be thought of as providing assistance to the school in the areas of Support, Curriculum, and/or Assessment. Support can be though of as anything that effects the school, but is not directly related to the curriculum. Curriculum implies that the technology is being used directly to aid the intended teaching. And Assessment involves using the technology in some form that assists in assessing the student or in providing other documentation that learning is taking place.

Provided here are a few ideas and examples for how digital cameras could be used to support education.


Click on picture to enlarge

Print student or staff ID photos for cards, badges, or special events; create an ID file for school records.

ID photo

Create a photo inventory of school property for property records.

picture of material in storeroom

Document crime or vandalism for police or insurance reasons.

picture of burning bus

Create posters or multimedia displays or presentations of student activities and work for open house, awards night, fair displays etc.

picture of student project

Take pictures for school newspapers and local broadcasts, or even a digital yearbook.

picture of student winning award

Take students on an electronic field trip by showing photos of a distant site.

seascape image

Show students important sites or points ahead of time to highlight spots not to miss.

picture of submarine

Review field trips with pictures to show all students the sights, discuss learning, share with other groups.

picture of rescued pelican

Create assignments with pictures and processes. For example: lab equipment, measurements, instruments, sports equipment or positions, recipe ingredients, pictures for vocabulary or reading lessons.

Supplement work sheets with pictures specific to your setups.

moon worksheet

Use with lenses or other optics (microscopes, telescopes, etc.) to make images available to the entire class.

image through multifacet lens

Customize your displays and bulletin boards with photos from your school, lab, classroom, or images of student performances.

picture of school front

Create student presentations.

Write thank you letters showing recipient/sender interaction.

image of letter template

Include students’ photos and images of their 3D and performance work in portfolios. The pictures will allow you to document a greater variety of work that would otherwise not be included in a portfolio.

image from school play

Create more authentic evaluations which include images of items or processes from your class.



Digital cameras in education

2006 Drs.Cavanaugh