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Booktalk Tech

Book talks, or booktalking, are the process creating short “commercials” presented by librarians, teachers, or students in elementary through high schools, libraries, or even at parties as a way to entice people to read a book. Usually a book talk doesn't reveal the whole story; instead it acts as a teaser, highlighting important and exciting parts, to hook the prospective reader. A book talk is not a book report or a book review; it doesn't even try to evaluate the book. Nancy Keane (2005) describes book talks as the book analogy of a movie trailer. The talk should provide enough of the plot to interest the listeners but not give everything away, especially the ending.

Locations with sample online booktalks - video and audio samples

Booktalking resources

Making a Video Book Talk with Microsoft Photo Story
A step by step instruction guide on how to create your own video booktalks using Microsoft Photo Story (free from Microsoft)

Quick Reference Foldable - Booktalks with Technology: creating video booktalks

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